VYREU began with a journey. 

A journey, to find inspiration for a new type of luxury watch.

First, we drove to the Ronda Headquarters in Switzerland to find a suitable high quality swiss movement. It turned out we made the right choice - now we had a supplier for the heart of our luxury watch - a reliable, high quality swiss movement.

Then we headed down to Milano, the center of fashion in Italy, to get inspired for new and adventurous designs. (Well, we also had pizza there)

To finish our trip, we decided to drive the long distance to Paris - mainly to find a unique namefor our new luxury watch company. As the darkness set in over France, we came across a very small village named "Veyreau" and decided to stay for the night near this 100 people populated village.

We all had the feeling there was something special and elegant about this name - so back in Austria, we launched our new luxury watch company named VYREU.


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